The Maercks Institute has become an international destination for elite aesthetic interventions such as The Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation.

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First of all, my consultation with Dr. Rian Maercks was wonderful. He spent an entire hour with me answering every question I had, no matter how trivial. I was so confident and had such trust in him after my consultation, I booked my surgery that day for the following week! Dr. Maercks put me completely, physically as well as mentally, at ease during the entire procedure. I felt no pain, and have had very little to no discomfort during my recovery as well. Being an artistic mind as well as a plastic surgery innovator, I would ABSOLUTELY recommend him to anyone considering any kind of cosmetic surgery. I already have my mom, aunts, sisters and friends interested in his work after seeing my results first hand. I can not say enough about this surgeon; he is an expert and innovator in his field, very professional, as well as an impeccable gentleman. You will feel so safe with him and you will not be disappointed. He is clearly passionate about what he does and I am so thankful that I found him. He is extraordinarily talented and truly has a GIFT!


Dr. Maercks is honest and professional. He takes time to find out what you really want in your appearance and helps guide you on how to best achieve it. His technique of cold subfascial breast augmentation not only gave me the most natural looking breasts but also decreased my healing time down to a few days. From the consult to post-op, he has been available at a moments notice to ensure all my questions are answered and that I am completely satisfied. I know I made the best choice by choosing Dr Maercks to do my surgery not only because of his technique but because he truly cares about making his patients happy. Not everyone wants the same appearance and having a doctor be honest about your options is priceless!

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The Miami Breast Augmentation

The Unparalleled beauty of the elite Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation